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  • Ben Givon Talks about Marketing Trends for 2021

    Ben Givon Talks about Marketing Trends for 2021

    We can all agree that technology has had a significant impact on our everyday lives, but perhaps one of its most apparent impacts is how we consume. Businesses are investing a lot of money and hiring marketing experts to keep up with consumer trends and create good marketing content.

    Here are some of the most popular marketing trends to keep an eye out for in 2021:

    Subscription-based Communities

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to focus all their efforts entirely online. As a result, platforms became oversaturated with marketing content. Users became overwhelmed and tired of that.

    On account of that, more and more businesses have deviated towards a ‘direct-to-consumer’ strategy. Facebook and Instagram’s online shopping are examples of businesses eliminating intermediaries and focusing directly on their clients. This has proven to be a successful strategy, as we’ve witnessed with OnlyFans. We suspect that in 2021, subscription-based content will gain tremendous traction. Users will seek exclusive access to products and content. Similar to exclusive club membership.

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing isn’t a new concept at all. It’s been around for ages and has proven to be exceptionally effective. The difference is that before, the influencers were celebrities or people with a massive following on their social media, but recently we have seen businesses digress. Brands are approaching more and more influencers with a smaller following. These are known as Micro and Nano influencers, and they have less than 25,000 followers.

    Users have gotten fed-up with influencers promoting millions of things, something conflicting things. Today, everyone is looking for authenticity and a ‘voice’. Getting your ordinary Joe to promote something that increases engagement and trust in the brand.

    User-Generated Content (UGC)

    UGC has become an incredible tool for authentic and trustworthy content. UGC content, such as reviews and videos, has outperformed brand-created content. According to Hootsuite, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view UGC as authentic compared to brand-created.

    Users trust UGC when it comes to purchasing products because they see real-life experiences and results. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have certainly helped surge this trend.

    Omnichannel Marketing

    Omnichannel marketing relates to delivering a personalized and consistent experience for its customers across the board. This includes communication via all platforms and devices to evoke constant interaction with the customer.

    According to some recent studies, brands that used three or more platforms had 13.6% more engagement than single-channel, 90% higher customer retention, and 250% higher purchase frequency.

    Socially Conscious Corporate Values

    Arguably, now, more than ever before, diversity, equality, and social impact are words that should be on everyone’s minds. Businesses must strive to create diverse environments, promote equality, and strive for social impact. This is important in terms of the corporate structure as well as the product itself.

    Nielsen’s study found that 66% of consumers would pay more for products from companies that commit to positive social impact.

    Ben Givon Affiliate Marketing Guru

    With many years of experience in the world of digital marketing, Ben combines his love of affiliate marketing with an international outlook on the real estate markets. From his start in the legal profession to his transition to the world of marketing, his passion for what he does is the driving force behind his success.