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  • Coronavirus: Restore your digital marketing portfolio with Ben Givon

    Coronavirus: Restore your digital marketing portfolio with Ben Givon

    The global health crisis has driven businesses to despair, with many firms cutting their budgets for ad spend and some even putting their accounts on temporary hold until the Covid-19 pandemic subsides. A majority of online marketing agencies now face declining budgets, ROI (Return on Investments), leads, and conversions. So, if your agency has suffered, like most businesses in the online marketing sector, a drop in leads and conversions as a result of the repercussions from the coronavirus pandemic, then you ought to start looking to acquire new accounts as a way of restoring your online marketing portfolio ahead of the Covid-19 aftermath.

    During these unprecedented and uncertain times seeking new ways to restore your online marketing portfolio can be an uphill struggle and immense challenge. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel as Ben Givon has outlined a handful of effective strategies and methods to help online marketing businesses to rebuild and restore their online portfolios during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    So, let us dive straight into the best and most effective strategies to restoring your online marketing portfolios during the coronavirus crisis.

    Concentrate on sectors and industries that have witnessed a surge in traffic during the coronavirus outbreak

    The traffic during the coronavirus outbreak - optimize your digital marketing portfolio

    It is plain to see that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted different sectors to different degrees. Travel and the airline industry, cafeterias and restaurants, and hospitality are industries that have been particularly affected and face a difficult path to recovery. Other sectors have had the advantage of staying partially or completely open and adjust their services to the government imposed lockdown measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, while other industries have stayed consistent, some have even encountered an surge in consumer demand.

    Concentrating on the sectors and industries that have experienced a surge in traffic and consumer demand during the coronavirus pandemic could enlighten you into reaching different industries and businesses that have witnessed a spike in demand and therefore are more likely to require digital marketing services right now. Let us name a few of these strong performing industries:

    1. Finance businesses
    2. Charities and non-profit organizations
    3. Health and medical
    4. Greetings, gifts, and flowers
    5. Business management
    6. Personal care and beauty
    7. On-demand media

    Updating yourself with the most recent news as nations and states start to emerge from the coronavirus lockdowns can similarly help with narrowing down the best industries to target with the most demand during these challenging times.

    Let us take the health and medical industry as our example. This sector experienced a surge in traffic and demand especially on Google Ads Network throughout the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. As lockdown measures begin to be lifted, those in the health and medical sector have remained either partially or completely open during the global health crisis. This suggests that health and medical businesses have experienced a spike in demand and therefore poses an opportunity for them to venture into the realm of digital marketing and advertising. Here are some of the advantages that could arise by having this industry as one of your clients:

    1. Demand – the health and medical industry have remained either partially or completely open during the uncertain and unprecedented times that the coronavirus storm has brought about. Consumers looking for clarity to the coronavirus uncertainty often turn to the health and medical industry for answers to their questions, which means that a higher volume of traffic can benefit online marketing campaigns and lead to better performances and success.
    2. Availability and accessibility – the health and medical industry can be found all over the internet with the level of engagement often remaining high all year round.
    3. Universal nature – online marketing strategies for this kind of industry could work effectively across different geos, which means that you could develop a universal approach as an online marketing agency and use the strategies that were effective for one business and use it for others in other geos.

    Albeit you may be asking yourself “but I don’t have any experience in dealing with these types of industries” but these uncertain and desperate times call for adaptability and inventiveness.

    Focus on precise geos and locations

    Coronavirus: take care about the geotargeting of your audience

    The coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole planet, stripping the normality from all aspects of life including social distancing, lockdown measures, business closures, global economic contraction and so on. However, different nations, governments and geos have reacted differently and the approach to restarting business activity and lifting lockdown restrictions differ depending on which country you are examining.

    What does this mean?

    Essentially this means that two separate businesses that are under the same industry umbrella, that are located in different countries are likely to find themselves in different situations as the coronavirus pandemic slowly begins to subside. Ben Givon suggests that as you are seeking for new ways to diversify, develop and rebuild your online marketing portfolio you could attempt to aim for specific geos and locations that have high consumer demands.

    An effective and useful strategy for identifying which keyword search terms are trending and doing well depending on the geographical locations is Google Trends.

    Therefore, as an online marketing agency, data from Google Trends can be extremely useful for picking out the right industries and businesses in the right geographic locations that have and are going through a surge in consumer demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Reaching potential clients for your online marketing and advertising services needs to be done at the right time and place; timing is everything during such testing and uncertain times…

    Reaching potential clients for your online marketing and advertising services

    As you reach out to your potential clients to offer them your digital marketing services as a way of restoring their digital marketing portfolio. When and how the lockdown measures will be lifted and when policymakers will relaunch business activity and normality in each specific location is a key aspect to keep in mind when approaching prospective clients.

    Ben Givon also suggests that you consider using seasonality in your business pitch. As a motive for highlighting the effectiveness of successful digital marketing campaigns during high seasonal consumer demand. Such as the summer and Christmas periods. The coronavirus pandemic has made it a challenge to think of anything other than the uncertainty and threat. But by taking a look over the horizon, you could demonstrate to your potential clients the potential for lasting value to key elements such as SEO, Google Quality Scores, conversion rates, leads, and ROI if they start focusing on developing and implementing an online marketing campaign that has a forward outlook beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

    As opposed to basing your business pitch on immediate short-term actions that deal with the increased demands, Ben Givon advises that you cover more long-term targets. By focusing on seasonal peaks, let your potential clients know that you prepared for imminent bounce backs and surges in consumer demands.

    Refine your proposal

    Refine your business proposal - Digital marketing portfolio

    Ben Givon points out the most significant proposals that provide clear cut data. Also, a strategy that lets the potential client understand precisely how your expertise and planning will benefit their business. Both in the short-term and the long-term, which will ultimately draw in more leads and conversions. Don’t forget to use Google Trends to stay up to date with all the latest keyword search terms that are trending right now.

    If you adopt a targeted approach to businesses and industries that witness increased demands, stay updated with Google Trends, and create well-thought-out and compelling proposals. You can maintain a fresh flow of clients for your online marketing agency that will ultimately support you during these challenging, unprecedented, and uncertain times.

    Ben Givon Affiliate Marketing Guru

    With many years of experience in the world of digital marketing, Ben combines his love of affiliate marketing with an international outlook on the real estate markets. From his start in the legal profession to his transition to the world of marketing, his passion for what he does is the driving force behind his success.