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  • How to optimize Google My Business in 2020 with Ben Givon – Part 2

    How to optimize Google My Business in 2020 with Ben Givon – Part 2

    Create your from the business description

    The first thing to take into consideration is that the summary description that is displayed underneath your business name in the Google Business profile is managed and created by the search engine itself. This is the editorial description that Google’s algorithm creates to maintain consistency throughout the platform.

    Now this may seem like a spanner in the works for your SEO efforts but don’t fret because Google does an accurate job at creating business descriptions.

    However, you do have access to and editorial rights to the from the business section in the Google My Business account dashboard. The from the business section appears further down in the profile, usually below the reviews area.

    How do I optimize the from the business section of my Google Business account? Ben Givon suggests that you:

    1. Make use of all 750 characters, with the most important information and main keywords present in the first half of the description.
    2. Reuse information from the About Us section.
    3. Ensure that you use relevant and engaging keywords that are related to both your niche and business offering; that way your site will show up when your target audience and users browse the internet with keyword search terms that match your business.
    4. Avoid repeating unnecessary information that may already be present on other areas of your Google My Business account. Use the from the business section to let your target audience know what separates you from your competition and why consumers can find value in your business offering.
    5. Avoid adding links and other HTML code.

    Pick a category

    Get found from discovery searches. An incredible 84% of views of Business Profiles on Google start from discovery searches (which means the shopper searched for an item, product, or service and that business’ profile showed up), versus just 16% originating from direct search terms (the buyer actively searched for the business address or name). This is particularly true for companies whose name doesn’t represent their service or business offering.

    Emphasize category-specific factors. When you pick a category, Google gives you a choice of category-specific factors that can help make your Google My Business profile more engaging and relevant for users that search for related keyword search terms. For instance, cafeterias can incorporate a menu or order online button; These category-specific features can help your My Business profile stand out against the wide pool of competitors.

    Google only offers a limited number of categories, so it is key that you pick the most relevant ones. Let us have a quick look at how you could optimize your Google My Business profile.

    Get straight to the point. If your business is a coffee shop, pick ‘Coffee shop’ as opposed to just ‘coffee’ or ‘shop’. A drop-down list of options usually presents itself as soon as you begin typing, or for a more comprehensive list you could take a look at a comprehensive list by pixelcutlabs.com and research which category would be best suited for your business offering and brand in order to offer both value and relevance to your target audience.  

    Pick supporting categories. Most organizations fall into various categories. Set your main category to your main offering (for instance, “Coffee Shop”) and afterward pick extra categories that are relevant, for example, “Coffee Delivery Service”.

    Avoid overstepping the mark. You need Google to link your business with customers who need your product or service, so pick categories that are relevant to your niche. For instance, if your business is a car repair shop, just choose “Car Repair”, not “Car parts supplier”. The categories section is different to the products and features section, do not mix them up.

    In addition, Google can at times request for you to confirm your business when you update or revise your category list; this is Google’s way of maintaining relevance across their platform.

    Include images

    Adding images to your Google My Business Profile via your Google My Business account dashboard is crucial for the following reasons:

    • By uploading your own images, you can make sure that your Business Profile looks as professional as possible.
    • By regularly uploading images to your Business Profile you let Google’s algorithms know that you are constantly updating your account with relevant content.
    • Google suggests that: “Your listing is a great place to showcase the photos that capture your business. Businesses with photos are more likely to receive requests for driving directions to their location, as well as clicks through to their websites, than businesses that don’t have photos.”

    Google reviews

    Google understands that social proof and reviews have a huge impact on the buyer’s journey, which is why it is such important criteria when it comes to its ranking on its SERPs. For most searches made on Google, the top three local results that are presented, otherwise called the Local three-pack are the top local results with the greatest number of positive reviews with high star ratings.

    Similarly, Google can also rank and show a Business Profile in its search engine results pages if it has reviews that include relevant keywords.

    How do I use reviews to boost my Google My Business Profile?

    • Begin with your existing clients to get the ball rolling.
    • Reach out to your audience through email, SMS, social media platforms and ask them to fill out short reviews or surveys about how they would describe their experiences with your brand.
    • Add a section on your site where both potential and existing consumers can easily add reviews.
    • Reply to reviews; by responding to your customers’ feedback not only do you boost your local search engine optimization, but you also build your brand awareness.

    Upload content to your Google Business Profile

    In the same way that you can post content on social media platforms you can also upload content to your Google Business Profile in the form of important updates, events, special offers and promotions, new products and services. Posts can be made in the dashboard section of the Google Business Profile and will display on the Updates area. Furthermore, each post could become more visible depending on how popular it is and on the keyword search terms.

    How do posts support Google Business Profiles?

    • By regularly posting on your Google Business Profile, consumers are more likely to engage with your business when compared to a Business Profile that occasionally posts every now and then.
    • Regular posting is also a key metric used by Google’s algorithms when ranking sites for placements on its SERPs.
    • Generally speaking, consumers have more intent when browsing on Google as opposed to social media platforms, which means that potential customers are more likely to interact with your posts on Google.
    • Users can follow your Google Business Profile and receive notifications every time you upload a new post or update your information.

    Questions and answers section

    The questions and answers section can greatly influence the buyer’s journey and help consumers choose your business over other competitors. Keep keywords in mind when responding to content on the questions and answers section so that you can maintain both relevance and accurate information that will benefit both the consumers and Google’s algorithms.

    Bottom line

    Optimizing your Google My Business Profile needs to be based on offer as much relevant information about what your business has to offer. It is impossible to know all of the metrics that Google’s algorithms use to rank a site on its results pages but we do understand Google’s main aim: to display users with the most relevant content that matches their keyword search terms. Follow these simple yet effective tips from Ben Givon to optimize your Google My Business Profile to represent your business offering and brand as accurately and effectively as possible; and then watch your engagement and conversion rates, ROI and Quality Score all increase.

    Ben Givon Affiliate Marketing Guru

    With many years of experience in the world of digital marketing, Ben combines his love of affiliate marketing with an international outlook on the real estate markets. From his start in the legal profession to his transition to the world of marketing, his passion for what he does is the driving force behind his success.

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