How To Define Your Target Audience

The 2018 Guide To Defining Your Perfect Target Audience

Defining the audience you want to target is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make. Despite it being a standard marketing practice; many web-experts don’t spend enough time to identify their target audience, but can you…
Affiliate Marketing In 2018

Affiliate Marketing 2018 Edition, Don’t Lag Behind

New Year New me? Let’s try a more realistic approach to 2018 and focus on optimizing our Affiliate strategies. That still counts as personal progress, right? In this industry making the right predictions can make or break your bank account,…
4 Ways Crowdfunding Has Changed Real Estate Investments

4 Ways Crowdfunding Has Changed Real Estate

There’s no doubt that crowdfunding is one of the greatest ways to raise capital – it’s fast, and it works. This has made it a preferred investment method. Why? It gives people the opportunity to invest directly in the progress of their…
Tracking Your Online Campaigns For Maximum ROI

If You're Not Tracking, You're Not Making Money

There's an old saying. "If you don't track your campaigns, you'll never know which part of your marketing budget you're wasting." If you don't track your conversions, you may well end up cutting profitable campaigns or even continuing with…
How To Earn Real Money As A real Estate Affiliate

How To Earn Real Money As A Real Estate Affiliate

Let’s admit it, being an affiliate is great. Ok maybe a little more than great. Where do we start - the freedom of working from home or the simplicity of being your own boss? Money’s coming in while you work and while you don’t, it’s…
Reward Yourself With Better Investment Options

Reward Yourself With Better Investment Options

Real Estate, the industry we all know and love. It provides us with a home and secures our daily lives with ease. Many real estate agents and owners make a great deal of profit on the buying and selling or renting of homes and offices. Evidently…
Tips And Tricks For Investing In Real Estate

Benefits and Tips For Investing In The Real Estate Market

Apart from food and clothing, shelter is one of the most basic human needs everywhere in the world. This is why the real estate market is a juicy opportunity for entrepreneurs to exploit and diversify their income. This study shows that…