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  • The Big Bad Wolf Can’t Blow Your Brick Down

    The Big Bad Wolf Can't Blow Your Brick Down

    Do you want to keep waking up at 8 in the morning to go to your 9-5 job, canceling all your vacation plans, or not even making any because the money at the end of the month barely covers the bills? No, I didn’t think so, so let’s not talk about that today. Instead, let’s talk about how you can take your $1000, invest it in real estate for not only passive but astonishing returns that will blow any other investment vehicle you’ve ever heard of out of the water. In my search to find a better life, I found out that there are hundreds of ways to profitably engage in the real estate market, so forget your classic “home-owner tenant” scenario and get ready to find out where the real money’s going. Scratch what you’ve heard because the future is here and it’s written in brick.

    Despite what the real estate ‘gurus’ are saying, there is no single right way to approach this that works for everyone, however, there might be a way that works for you, and will give you the returns you’re looking for. With most investments, the reality is that to make money you need to first have money – you need to be rich to get rich, and that just doesn’t sound right, does it? But that’s not the sole reason real estate investing beats any other assets class by far. Real estate is time-tested, and matter of the fact is, that people have been becoming millionaires through real estate for longer than any other asset class. Come to think of it, isn’t it be one of the most ancient investment vehicles on the face of the planet? We’ve been living in houses long before computers were even conceived and now, these very houses have come to our computers to create opportunities.

    So, now that that’s out in the open, I bet you’re wondering why you should invest – what are the real benefits of real estate? Well, foremost, it’s tangible, it’s there, you can touch it, you can look at it, drive by it (if you’re investing in property in your country). To put it simply, it’s really – not speculation. This pleasant lack of speculation creates amazing rates of returns without the stock market’s classic volatility, which can and does throw investors off. Historically speaking, the risk of loss in real estate can be minimized by the length of time you decide to hold your investment. When market conditions improve, by default so does the value of your investment, and as a direct result, you accumulate capital. The stock market? An entirely different story. The risk never quite changes and there will always be factors that you can’t price in, leaving you exposed and your investment in the hands of luck. With real estate the control is not with luck, it’s with you.

    Speaking of history, let’s talk about real estate in the past. History has proven to us time after time, that the longer you hold your investment in real estate, the more money you’ll make. The housing market just seems to bounce back after every bursting financial bubble that has caused the industry to slip. All those who have held onto their investments through rough times have seen prices return to normal and in most countries, appreciation going in the right direction again.

    But let’s not forget one very important thing. If you’re already investing, then real estate is a must. When speaking to your financial advisor you must have discussed diversifying your portfolio and truth is, it’s necessary. It’s all about diversifying or spreading the risk – not putting all your eggs in one basket. Real Estate has served always served a port in the storm to lighten the risk in your portfolio. Others have just invested in real estate and have still come out on top without having to even diversify. Anything is possible in the vast world of opportunity for real estate.

    All in all, within very carefully considered markets, real estate has rightfully earned a reputation for fusing high returns with stability, especially long-term where the industry enjoys fewer fluctuations than any other investment vehicle. If your goal is to build a very strong portfolio that provides steady returns then buckle up, because we’re building brick by brick. You know how the three little pigs story goes: the big bad wolf couldn’t blow the brick house down.

    Ben Givon Affiliate Marketing Guru

    With many years of experience in the world of digital marketing, Ben combines his love of affiliate marketing with an international outlook on the real estate markets. From his start in the legal profession to his transition to the world of marketing, his passion for what he does is the driving force behind his success.